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Tale of Interior Impressions of your Home

Tale of Interior Impressions of your Home

Interior style is the artistry and study of improving any inside of a structure of any edifice to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for its living individuals. Embarking from small abodes to larger than life castles, every interior has a story to tell, a style to contemplate. There’s no distinct deliberate rule of which style to follow, it utterly depends on its dwellers own preference and living style. A noteworthy challenge many of our client’s face is a lack of cognizance or concordance to describe and define their interior design style. With a plenitude of extraordinary unique styles, it very well may be overwhelming to interpret which style will turn out best for you. Some prefer following traditional style, some love to go for modern style and sometimes they combine elements of several styles to create their very own ideal look.

If you search on the internet you will get tonnes of design inspirations, interior styles, but where do we start? Internet searches being the never-ending sea of answers might confuse you at some points or might not provide you with your desired solution. There are many different design styles to consider when giving your home a makeover, vintage home decor styles for the classic outcome or modern style for a sophisticated look, boho & contemporary for uniqueness ahead, the more you will research and more you will fall in love and get attracted to these styles. On this heart-to-heart, let’s have a straight talk about some mostly used and adorned and uncluttered interior styles adapted in our country.


In this style of interior design, everything is rooted in people’s folklore and their origin’s heritage for good reason. It offers quintessential details like lavish furnishings and an abundance of accessories, feature of dark, finished wood, rich color palettes, and a variety of textures and curved lines. What’s more there’s profundity, layering, and dimensionality inside most traditional interiors.


It’s an expansive style, all that you’ll see will look clean with fresh lines and in basic shading palettes. In this style, there’s something else entirely to analyze in a cleaned-up way with materials like glass, metal, and steel. The advanced inside depicts effortlessness in each corner, from the floor to the roof, from materials to the decorations, and in each component present.


People usually confuse modern style with contemporary style every now & then. Contemporary style is complete of the moment while modern interior design styles can almost mean anything forward-thinking from the groundbreaking from the ’50s to the early aughts.


The rustic style mostly accentuates regular and endured completes, crude wood, stone, and calfskin, with unforeseen contacts and an overall sophisticated bent.

Rustic style makes one-of-a-kind rooms with its utterly unique choice of element, you might see a fusion of amalgamation mix of statement-making furnishings, raw and lively touches to make it more buoyant and unique.


Bohemian mirrors a cheerful way of life with little principles, but to follow your profound longing. It incorporates vintage furniture and light apparatuses, universally propelled materials and mats, presentations of assortments, and things found in generally fluctuated sources. You may recognize a free enterprise demeanor inside Bohemian style with its ultra-glitz light fixture combined with a very much worn floor covering and mid-century seat, with its comfortable cozy seating plans with unusual and brilliant pillows and so forth.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a vintage-inspired style, but contrasted with Bohemian and different styles, will in general be more female, delicate, and sensitive. Its shading palettes incorporate white, cream, and pastels. Light installation and tapestries might be luxurious and proceed with the feminine vibe of shabby chic design.


The transitional style has a sense of balance that’s bewitching and out of the blue. A transitional design may incorporate modern materials, such as steel and glass, and then unite them with plush furnishings. The transitional design also includes likewise incorporates moderately nonpartisan shading palettes, making a quieting and loosened up space that figures out how to feel both snappy and smooth, just as warm and welcoming.

This article will declutter all your confusions regarding interior styles. If you are a beginner or want to revamp your piece of heaven all by yourself you can simply choose any of these styles and decorate according to your personality and style. You may follow any style strictly or you can mix and match and create your staple style to make your home give your home a polished and cohesive look.

Exclusive 1200 SQFT – 1400 SQFT Apartments for Sale in Dhaka

Exclusive 1200 SQFT – 1400 SQFT Apartments for Sale in Dhaka

Dhaka– a city of dreams, trade & glee, which abodes people from every corner of the country. Years after years, as time passed by, accommodating them in this city got even harder. There came a time when the city was getting shorter and out of spaces in aboding them. If we look back, building high raised apartment complexes isn’t a very old concept in our country. It was started by a few dominant real estate companies in the late ’90s in our country and now it’s a very regular thing to see in this city of dreams. But you might find a sheer difference among other high raised apartments and Anwar Landmark’s robust superstructures.

Anwar Landmark- a name in the real estate industry that needs no prior introduction. Anwar Landmark is well known for bringing out the true functionality & serenity from every space. Starting from 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale to larger ones, any flat you will see you will find an archetypal example of classic urban living in a nutshell. Usually, this specific category specially serves the purpose of living for small families and on the other hand economically reasonable so that people can afford to get their own house of their eternal dream. We understand their value for their hard-earned money; therefore, we believe in serving our best for every budget. Name any area Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bashundhara you will get a mesmerizing option within your budget which you can name your home forever.

Areas like Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara accommodates both small and new families along with large and joint families. Therefore, if you look at our offerings in Dhaka, we have a composed and composite structure especially for peoples of every need and every budget. We offer both larger-than-life duplex or penthouses to compliment higher budget requirements and on the other hand, we offer 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale for compact budgets and limited requirements. It’s not that their requirements are limited, but their compromises in amenities remain flexible because of their compact budget. Anwar Landmark understands their value for money, and thus we try to offer more of every space and provide our best in class service to make their urban dreams come true.

1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale aren’t just a regular apartment, these uphold maximum resourcefulness to its every space. Our well efficient team has designed it utter technically so that its dwellers don’t feel it has lacked in anything. It is not only surrounded by brick-built walls, it has its serene liveliness, urban & versatile architecture, and tranquility to make you feel like your dream home at its first glance. Every apartment includes well-maintained security, resourceful common space, playground for kids, and whatnot. Name it Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bashundhara, we have covered almost every corner of Dhaka with our own signature apartments and thriving to leave our mark all over Bangladesh in the coming years with our promising upcoming projects.

It might look like a basic 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale on advertisements, but it is no less to our delicately composed excellence in a nutshell, with superior expertise and enduring experience in the industry. These apartments include bedrooms with wider wind passage facility, compact yet serene south-facing balcony, mostly joint dining & family living space, and a resourceful kitchen with modern amenities. Along with your 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale, you will get a classic urban looking awe-inspiring exterior along with highly maintained security and lift for its dweller’s convenience and comfort.

When it comes to modern amenities, most real estate companies usually choose the risk-free and basic way to go. But for Anwar Landmark, it wasn’t easy to provide versatile amenities in every building. For us, amenities were never restricted to security, lift, rooftop or common area. We went few steps further and provided tranquil greenery on rooftops, interacting common space so that its dwellers can spend quality time together with their beloved ones, resourceful playground for kids so that they get the chance to live their childhood in urban society without lacking in any open space or resource. You name it 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale or 3200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale, our offerings were never limited to its project size or budget. We have always offered equal amenities in every structure depending on its requirements and availability of space.

Our utmost priority has always been our client’s satisfaction. Before building any structure, we think of every single requirement of our clients. Starting from the initial sketches to building our robust structures, we ensure to include every modern amenity to complement its dweller’s urban living. Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bashundhara, any area you name it in Dhaka we have a complete solution accolade your urban living. And one day we dream to leave our signature mark on every corner of Bangladesh and become a well-known real estate company worldwide for its unique design & robust-built serene and versatile structure. We aim to continue building versatile structures beyond everyone’s imagination and move strongly with our rising nation.

Apartments for Sale in Dhaka: Great Locations – High Quality Properties

Apartments for Sale in Dhaka: Great Locations – High Quality Properties

Dhaka– a name which upholds numerous stories, names and emotions in it. People from every corner of the country wants to live in this hustle bustle of Dhaka, as it is the center of trade, culture and newfangled opportunities. Due to its over population and necessitate to abode, has resulted in numerous high-raised apartment constructions all over the city.

In this era of real estate rebellion in Bangladesh we have successfully marked our name as a dominant brand in the industry. Anwar Landmark- is not just a name anymore it’s an insignia of numerous happy faces, those we have served over these years. Anwar Landmark has become a well-known epithet in every abode in Bangladesh.

Anwar Landmark being a trailblazer real estate company with years of escapade and expertise, has developed multitudinous apartments for sale in diverse parts of the city like Dhanmondi, Zigatola, Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Uttara, Shyamoli, Mirpur, and Rupnagar R/A. We offer a wide range of solutions for apartments for sale to match our customer’s classic urban living with our creations. Over years we have created numerous addresses for those who are most precious to us. Our valuable customers have considered us as one of the top real estate company of Bangladesh, wherefore nothing matters more to us than our customers satisfaction and euphoria. We set the seal on providing highest-quality standards for every project construction, materials and services with an assurance of no belated handover.

Our apartment for sale offers unique features and functionality to ensure our customers a valuable venture for their hard-earned money. We understand people’s life long dream of living in their own hard-earned dwelling. Sometimes they get successful to get their home of their dreams and sometimes they adjust themselves unwillingly with an abode which doesn’t mostly satisfy their needs and other additional requirements.  And thus, stands Anwar Landmark, from our first residential project to the recent one, our offering was limited or backdated for any age. Anwar Landmark has created its own style of uniqueness in architecture and construction implementation. Our offerings for apartments for sale were never limited to small space issues or congested location issues, we have brought back the best out of any space and hidden tranquility from our every project to fulfill our valuable customer’s desires regarding their dream dwelling.

Anwar Landmark offers the pick of the bunch deal in apartment for sale service. What differentiates us from others is our robust concrete structure which is capable to abode generations after generation and our sleek & serene architecture which portrays its people’s tradition, culture and component. Yes, we are here to do business by selling our apartments, but what is more valuable for us is, witnessing our customers dream come true with our functional design and unique project execution. We not only offer them a piece of apartment; we offer them their own place of eternal peace on earth in the form of a serene classic urban dwelling.

From North to South of the city, Dhanmondi, Zigatola, Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Uttara, Shyamoli, Mirpur & Rupnagar R/A check out any area we have marked our exclusivity with our diverse projects. Our signature style of construction and infrastructure has witnessed stories of generations after generation but its functionality has never got old with the time. We not only just make promises, we make them in reality in a mystical way that our customers remain spell bound with their home. We believe a home should be someone’s comfort zone their gateway from the hustle bustle of busy life. Our apartment for sale service offers apartment with diversity, multifunctionality, comfort and eternal tranquility. We not only just sell and handover apartments to you, we live your dream with you and revamp every corner just as the way you aspired for your own home.

All this could not have been possible without our immensely dexterous and highly dyed- in- the- wool of perfectionist’s team. Our team believes, it’s an utterly important responsibility on our responsible shoulders to give our best in every project. We never leave a chance to satisfy and fulfill our clients need, because we understand their value for money and serve them with the pre-eminent of all service in this industry. Our proficient and devoted team works day and night to make our customers dream house in reality.

With all these babbling and blathering, we come to an alluring conclusion, that Anwar Landmark has successfully brought their vision of making a dream come true home directly sketched out from their apartment for sale billboards and advertisements, and made its resident’s piece of heaven on earth. We have taken an oath of making people’s addresses of generations after generation which will never make them feel bored or backdated in any way, rather it will render them forever with its modernism and folklore combined and composite in the best way possible.

Ready Flats For Sale: Ready to Move In NOW!

Ready Flats For Sale: Ready to Move In NOW!

Every urban living person dream about having their own home, their own address of eternal peace and quietude someday. As Dhaka got busier, colonized and more compact over time, finding a befitting home to move on has become a stout job. In the hustle bustle of Dhaka, it’s very grueling to find a place where you can feel home at the first glance. This busy city and its compact houses are losing its beauty and sobriety by time. And thus, people get dwellings for themselves only to get a permanent shelter for them and their family.  Most of the apartments nowadays are only restricted to a concrete robust structure and lacks in the serenity of living. Therefore, here at Anwar Landmark we believe in creating stories for every structure. Our projects reflect our business values and creative thinking behind every small detail.

Anwar Landmark- an amicable name in every corner of the nation. Anwar Landmark has changed the definition of urban living to a new extent in the growing real estate industry of Bangladesh. We are proud to say that we were never an option for our clients rather we were always on top of their priority list and trustworthiness. From early 2001 to recent times, our only ambition has been to provide world class service, dependable & trustworthy in executing projects at the fastest and ensuring post sales service for our client’s ultimate satisfaction.

Name any neck of the city, and we have a ready flat for sale or ongoing project specially customized and designed as per our client’s imagination and need. Dhanmondi, Zigatola, Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Uttara, Saidabad, Gopibag, Mirpur, Shyamoli & Rupnagar Housing any part of the city you name it and we might have an ultimate solution of a ready flat for sale or an ongoing extrapolate only for you. Right now, we have ‘Landmark Farida Retreat’ an ultimate urban functional apartment situated in Bashundhara, and ‘Landmark Angelic’ – an example of living amidst serenity which is situated in Shyamoli. What differentiates a place from staying there and living there is the peaceful environment and the habituation of tranquility. Our flats are not just a rigid structure it’s a result of affection and sincerity of our team. A well adroit and devoted team towards creating dwellings for countless happy faces has come this far and got numerous recognitions both nationwide and worldwide for its relentless efforts and dedication. We do not count those nationwide and worldwide recognitions our achievements, our true achievements are our client’s satisfaction and contentment.

Whenever you see a ready flat for sale advertisement offline or online, many things might strike your mind at first place and put you into a dilemma of what to choose or what not to choose. Many people in this city think of getting their own house of their dreams but get anxious and scared about its long-delayed handover duration, materials used in construction, architecture, post sales ministration from the real estate company. We are aware of this anxiety and tension and we understand your entail very well. Therefore, we assure you with best service and sky-high quality materials, on relief from belated handover as promised before selling a flat, outstanding architecture which will compliment your classic living and most importantly after sales assistance puts an inessential enhancement above all. Hence, cutting the end of the predicament, we ensure you with the pre-eminent from all ministration in ready flat for sale service on your plate with easy documentation and loan aptitude.

Our muscular robust infrastructure compliments our unique reviving full of life architecture which is specially delineated for people of every age group and versatile interest. We have not just created uncountable number of ready flat for sale purpose, but we have specifically kept its functionality and resourcefulness different from every other project and customized as per the requirement of people living in here. Our projects tell a story about its living generations, compliments inheritance and folklore of its dwelling people, and screams out modernism from the core and compacts sangfroid and nature together. Our projects are not only limited to prime locations like Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Uttara we have gone beyond this and left our marks on areas like Zigatola, Saidabad, Gopibag, Shyamoli & Rupnagar Housing and aspire to leave our footprint in every corner of Dhaka and Bangladesh someday.

Our ready flat for sale service offers a perfect assortment of ready to move now opportunity, with no long-delayed waiting for project handover and no scope for inferior service. We understand our client’s starvation of having their own home of their long-cherished imagination and their value for money. Years after years Anwar Landmark has created classic dwellings for people of various profession, various origination and multifaceted imagination with same affection and diligence and made many new addresses of eternal tranquility. That is why our valuable clients have trusted us blindly, generations after generation and they choose us and our ready flats for sale over any other real estate company. We, Anwar Landmark, believe to continue the top-notch service and tell countless stories with our every structure.

Anwar Landmark – Creating Addresses Since 2001

Anwar Landmark – Creating Addresses Since 2001

A tale of revamping lands to landmarks started its journey in early 2001. As the time went on this revolutionary escapade became as a prominent name ANWAR LANDMARK, which is not just a name anymore, it has become one of the best real estate company of Bangladesh, and has received recognition nationwide and worldwide. It all started with a dream of assembling a piece of land to someone’s dwelling, their address for generations after generation. We believe, your house is not only an asset, it’s a liability on us.

Anwar Landmark has established its footstep in this industry for its eccentric design thinking and introduced extant urban architecture in Bangladesh. From the very beginning to till date we have ruled our valuable customer’s hearts with our passion for creating something quaint and refreshing, and with our hard work which has resulted us many success and eminence. In a very short span of time Anwar Landmark has reached to people’s benchmark of expectation & reliance and thus stands rock strong after years of experience as one of the best real estate company of Bangladesh.

Starting from the origination, our main expedition was never restricted to building new concrete structures, yet in addition we have been thriving to contribute in our country’s building Infrastructure with avidity and modern engineering with our every musing dwelling. For us creating monotonous living was never an option. Our projects reflect composed and composite urban living where tranquility has been captured in every space.

We believe in bringing out the eternal peace of a classic dwelling, for people living in the hustle bustle of this concrete jungle. We have not only created addresses of eternal peaceful domicile but also built functional spaces for people of every age and every need. In our every creation we have ensured to combine naïve modernism with folklore where tradition and heritage has been kept as an accent material with urban functional versatility. With growing years, Bangladesh and specially the heart of the nation Dhaka has adapted many changes in its living style and architecture. Real Estate being a growing industry in Bangladesh has opened its door for modernism in engineering, where modernism and minimalism are everywhere but sheer serenity of rustic living lacks behind. And thus, stands Anwar Landmark, where urban living is composed and composite neatly with classic living tranquility seeks out from our every creation. Real Estate being a growing industry in Bangladesh has opened its door for modernism in engineering, where modernism and minimalism are everywhere but shear serenity of rustic living lacks behind. And thus, stands Anwar Landmark, where urban living is composed and composite neatly with classic living tranquility seeks out from our every creation. That is why, each of our creation loudly reflects our robust infrastructure which can grow old with your generations after generation and our whimsical architecture does the rest job of making every building versatile and functional beyond imagination.

As a company our customers contentment and stipulation has been our utmost priority. Over these years we have served our clients with honesty, integrity and reliability, and thriving to uphold our hard-earned reputation as the best real estate company of Bangladesh. There are numerous number of companies in this real estate industry, what makes us divergent is our ethics, our values, our zeal to provide our clients a world class service and our aspiration to be the best real estate company of not only in Bangladesh, but also we want to leave a global mark as the best in the industry.

Anwar Landmark is a manifestation of experienced architects, engineers and management personnel, who are worked tirelessly days and nights using a combination of their collective experiences to build this empire of the best real estate. Our honest and dedicated team is the wheel behind our good business practice and success over these years. They Follow company values and maintain discipline with their hearts, which reflects extensively on our service and dedication towards our valued clients. Here at Anwar Landmark, we ensure sky-high quality standards for our every project execution, top notch material selection, on time project handover, and most importantly post sales service for our customers infinite contentment.

Our passion for creating dwellings for our valuable clients has resulted not only into buildings but also it has made a landmark family of countless happy faces. We are never triumphant with our work until we are successful to bring smiles on our client’s faces. We are therefore, persuaded to walk on the same path we have walked along over these years of becoming the best real estate company of Bangladesh. We, Anwar Landmark, hereby take our oath to give our best services and bring smiles on our client’s faces and create more addresses of people whom we care from the core of our hearts.